Why use the New Zealand Fine Wine Society to buy NZ Wine?

1- You NEVER have to pay Retail again! This saves your valuable money! All wines are at Wholesale rates + GST. Shipping costs may apply.

2- We are supporting the New Zealand Wine producer directly - they get what they want for their fine wine.

3- We give our members the flow on discounts and get great deals by dealing direct to the NZ Vineyards - NO MIDDLE MAN!

4- We reward our loyal members with a discounted membership fee structure which drops each year up to 20% so you save even more with buying thru us. Join Today.

How does the New Zealand Fine Wine Society work?

Our Club made up of Kiwi & International members who have an appreciation or love of Fine NZ Wines – “Wineophilia” make up the buying power we all benefit from

As a NZFWS Club member you have exclusive access to wholesale+ prices

Because NZFWS is a club, and is sustained by membership subscription, it does not rely on the retail mark-up on the products. Instead members access the wholesale price ONLY! NO HANDLING OR HIDDEN FEES (and of course freight if there is any on your order)

As a NZFWS Club member, you will find that you have access to the vineyards entire wine range to choose from – unlike the limited ranges you'd find in retail stores, Supermarkets, which tend to stock only a sample range of products from each brand

You don't waste time driving all over town comparing prices and products, because everything's there in one place for you with wholesale+ pricing

We charge an annual membership fee of $85.00 per Individual or household address & $95.00 + GST per Individual Business Premise which enables you to access all these great wines & exclusive pricing AT ANY TIME AS LONG AS THEY ARE AVAILABLE

How much can I save buying through the New Zealand Fine Wine Society?

Example Only:

Wine Variety – 2010 Pinot Noir

RRP $44.00 bottle (Wine Shops / Supermarkets / Online Wine Stores)

Cellar Door $40.00 bottle (incl GST) Winery Sales direct to Visitor

NZFWS $29.84 bottle (incl GST) –Wholesale buying power

Usually a 6 bottle minimum order must be placed so let’s run this thru.

6 Bottles ordered (sometimes a winery will allow a mixed bottle case purchase)

RRP $264.00

Cellar Door $240.00

NZFWS $179.04 plus $12 freight = $191.04

So with your first order of six bottles you have saved upto $72.96 & that’s AMAZING VALUE!

And this will apply with all the wine you purchase through NZFWS. The MORE you purchase the MORE YOU SAVE! Better tell ALL your friends!

*International Buyers will incur higher Shipping rates due to Custom excise and import duties. Check our Buyers guide with relevant costs.

Who is the NZFWS?

The New Zealand Fine Wine Society Limited is a NZ Registered Company trading as New Zealand Fine Wine Society, It was Created & Founded by Jason Gibb -Wine collector, Wine Broker & former resident of one of New Zealand’s finest wine regions –Marlborough. I have come to appreciate NZ fine wines through cellaring, collecting & tasting them with great friends and paired with fine food. My close friends have owned wineries, are winemakers and I love entertaining with family & great friends and of course enjoying a fine NZ wine. I want all New Zealanders to enjoy and get the opportunity to do the same!

Ok, what’s the catch? It can’t be this good!

We will always be transparent as we have nothing to hide. We want as many people to join our club membership to benefit as a group. You may be saying “I'd be cautious with any scheme that tries to lure me but doesn't want to give any indication of what costs are involved up front”

Ok! Here is the Answer.

$85.00 per Individual, NZ or International household address for 12 months club membership.

$95.00 + GST for each Business Premise Venue for 12 months Brokerage.

No strings attached. End of Story!

“I bet I’m not allowed to buy for friends or family and not allowed to disclose anything”

Ok! Here is the Answer.

“The MORE you purchase the MORE YOU SAVE!

Better tell your friends to SHARE A CASE OR THREE!”

What are the delivery costs?

We will endeavour to get you the most efficient and cost effective shipping costs via all our affiliated Vineyards. At best it can range from $8 - $22 within NZ Dependent on how much YOU BUY! Sometimes it can be FREE dependent on volume purchased.

*International Buyers will incur higher Shipping rates due to Custom excise and import duties. Check our Buyers guide with relevant costs.

Can you give me “the basics?” Sure!

  • Members pay the wholesale price from the Wineries or NZ wholesale distributors. You get to see all the wholesale prices on all products no gimmicks or hidden hooks. 
  • Members pay NO HIDDEN handling fees to facilitate the transaction.
  • Members pay GST.
  • Members pay Shipping charges within NZ. (if applicable)
  • The ONLY charge is your ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE –“That’s It”
  • If a Vineyard offers a bulk buying Discount we pass this on to our Members!


Our Consumer Motto: “Access Fine NZ Wine at the Best Prices - Our Power is in Our Numbers”

Our Producers Motto: “Give NZ wine Consumers access to Fine NZ made Wine”

If you don't get it then that's OK. You keep paying retail and we'll keep buying at wholesale. The same stuff as retail, just REALLY transparent & much cheaper.  

It’s Simple. Honest. Good business and we love it. We are the New Zealand Fine Wine Society.

What next? How do I sign up?

We have had a huge interest from wineries all across our beautiful country and all you need to do is the following:

  • Visit our website http://www.nzfinewinesociety.co.nz/ and sign-up
  • Like & Follow our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NZFINEWINE/
  • Share with all your friends or Clients…must be 18+ to join or buy
  • Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nz_fine_wine_society/
  • Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NZ_WineSociety
  • PM me via FB to join & if you have any further questions or suggestions
  • Simply Fill in our registration form, Pay your Individual *68.00 special (100 only) Normally $85.00 or Business $95.00 + GST Annual 12 month membership fee and let’s get the ball rolling
  • Account for membership fee payment:
  • 38-9017-0714780-04

We have also added the membership fee into your first order in the checkout section under shipping choices to help with a smooth transaction.

We will send out to our exclusive Fine Wine Database once per month an exclusive "Special deal" so you can make an informed purchase & huge savings on Fine NZ Wine. Otherwise enjoy shopping through our online catalog.

Cheers from NZFWS